— Outdoorcooking —

There's a thin crisp to the air and a stillness to the woods we're walking through. A stillness only to be found in early autumn. Red lingon-berries are gleaming like rubies from the lower bushes. All together we collect them and find ourselves a sunny bank by the small lake. There we make camp, cooking a traditional swedish Råraka (potatoe pancake) and making jam from the berries that we've just collected. Stories of the past, circles around the fire, bringing life to the woodsmen, charcoalers and the lady of the woods. Soon we'll be silent though, since we now enjoy our lunch. The Råraka, slightly salty and fat mixes deliciously with the sweet and sour taste of the lingonberries. Yellow leaves are falling, the firewood snaps a little. We can hear a black woodpecker drumming and calling. It's a good day to be outdoors in Tiveden.


You'll meet with us 9 o' clock in the morning, at Hamgården resort, by the reception. Then we head out by car to our secret lingonberry-treasurehold. Out in the forrest you'll get a guided tour, focused on Tiveden and some fun facts about the berries we're picking. When we have enough berries, we'll create a small campsite, with a small fireplace, tripod and if the weather demands it - a tarp.

Groupsize: 2-4 participants


Adult: 550

Children (6-12): 150

Family (2+2 persons): 1200


  • A guided tour walking,
  • Tools for collecting berries
  • lunch
  • a jar of lingonberryjam, to bring back home
  • skills that will take your next outdoor-adventure to new levels.
  • Small groups 2-4 participants and a local guide, for the most genuine experience

What to bring:

  • Warm clothes, accordingly to the weather, (10-18° C) we can highly recommend wool for the layer closest to your body.
  • Steady shoes, rubber boots or hiking boots.

Available in: v 36-38, kl. 9.00-14.00

Where to go: We start and finish each tour at Hamgården resort, Tiveden, by the reception.

Booking: Through Hamgården resort, until 20 days before the trip.

We hope, that this day will inspire you to further adventures in swedish nature, leaving nothing but footprints behind.