I'd love to go canoeing with you, would you like to join?

My name is Lovisa Larsson and no, you can't rent a canoe from me. But I can teach you how to paddle one - like a pro'. I create and host guided tours and clinics with wooden canoes. If you're curious about the Swedish boreal forest, I hold guided hikes as well. You'll find me in Tiveden - a forest in the middle between Stockholm and Gothenborg, easily accessed by train to Laxå or car. I named my business Traceless in Tiveden to match my values in outdoors life. To walk this earth in balance with nature, leaving as little negative trace behind as possible. Wanna join me?




Heard from a guest:

"... a calm and professional guide. It's been a really nice day!  

And coffee in the canoe, best coffee-break ever! "



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