— Walk in the wild —

To leave the trails and roads in Tiveden, and be soothed by the sound of the forest, can be a magical experience. To find your own way through the landscape, invites you to slow down. With careful steps we'll seek the peace that only forest provides when it's allowed to live for it's own sake. We call it to go off track. Together with our guide, you don't have to worry wether you're lost or not ...

"Can you leave the common road, and forget that you came by car?

And walk into the woods of Tived, maybe even forget who you are? "

The start of a Swedish poem by Carl Ek 


We meet up at the Main Entrance of Tiveden National park. From there we'll take a walk in the woods. We talk about the history and the biodiversity of the forest, about forest fires and the ancient natural forces that shaped the landscape. You'll also get to learn how to navigate safely without map or compass in this wild terrain. We stop by a beautiful woodland lake for fika and take some time just to simply absorb the moment in these marvelous surroundings.

What's included?

  • Guidance by local and professional guide
  • Walk off track in the woods
  • Navigation by the landscape
  • Swedish Fika

What do I need to bring?

  • Clothes according to weather
  • Steady shoes, like boots or similar
  • Personal water bottle
  • Something to sit on

How much does it cost? 

1000 SEK/adult

700 SEK/youth (12-17)

Since the terrain is quite difficult, we recommend this tour for teens and adults. Kids might find it hard to walk.

How many can go?

Maximum of 7, book early to ensure your spot!

When is it available? 

Check our bookingmodule, to see the exact dates.

What about booking and payment? 

You can prebook and cancel until 168 hours (a week) before the tour, with full repayment - except 2% booking fee. Within 168 hours before the trip, the payment is binding. I recommend adding a rebook guarantee to your booking, this means you'll get at link from where you can reschedule your tour until 48 hours before it starts.

When does it start? And how long will we be out? 

10 am - 2 pm, so 4 hrs.

What if I've more questions?

+46(0)730246515 (Lovisa)


You can also find Traceless in Tiveden at Facebook and Instagram

What if I'm allergic or have a special diet?

No problem! Simply let us know in the Message-section at the booking channel or send us a message.  

What about alcohol or other drugs?

All tours with Traceless in Tiveden are free from alcohol and other drugs. Partly for the physical safety of the group, we're on the water, or in difficult terrain or handling sharp tools and fire. But also in consideration and care for our guests. We want our tours to be safe spaces in nature. Our guide has the right to send away drunk or high guests at any time during the tour. There will be no refunds in these cases. 

What if it's raining?

Well, bring your rain-clothes and put your boots on. We don't cancel this tour because of the weather. We'll adjust our habits though, like choose our way through the landscape a bit more carefully in order for no one to slip and get hurt. To be out in the forest during summer rain, can be  both deliberating and challenging, depending on how you think about it. You might get wet yes, but you'll surely dry up afterwards. It's also very beautiful, with every little leaf glistening of water-drops, the very scent of the forest floor changes, and if the sun breaks through the whole forest seems to be covered in stars.

– Map & contacts –

Meeting point: Tiveden National Park, Main entrance

Traceless in Tiveden

+46 73 0246 515