— Walk for biodiversity —

Every wednesday evening in July and August , we invite you to a Walk for biodiversity. It means that you can join us for free in order to make acquaintance with the vast biodiversity of lifeforms along the trails in Tiveden National park, together with our guide. 

We meet up at 6 pm by the main entrance. We introduce ourselves and decide the route for tonight. There are magnifiers and field-guides to borrow (in swedish though, but scientific names are included). Then we take a slow walk, looking closer at anything that catch our interest . From the smallest of lichens, to fungis, birds and trees. We talk about the ecosystem of the boreal forest and the difference between a natural forest and a plantage. During the walk we stop for coffee and sandwich (you'll have to bring your own). We count on being back at the Main entrance by 21 pm approximately - it use to vary a little. Most walks we go like 1 - 2,5 km in three hours, but we get to see a lot!

Please notice, that these walks are held in Swedish - in order for swedes to learn about the loss of biodiversity and engage in protecting local forests. We promise, to try our best though to give explanations and answer your questions - in english. Prebooking is compulsary, through contacts at this website or through the facebookevent "Artvandring i Tivedens Nationalpark 2021"

Many ask, why are these walks for free? The answer is simple. The loss of biodiversity is a crisis, not a tourist-attraction. We at Traceless in Tiveden feel responsible to share our knowledge about the forest. In order to cure the plant-blindness, for people to think twice when swedish timber-industry greenwash their filth and try to inspire people to engage in protecting swedish forests.

Welcome to join us!

Best wishes!

/ Lovisa Larsson, Traceless in Tiveden

— From our Walks for Biodiversity —

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