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in Tiveden with us

Through a wild landscape, shaped by ancient forces, the trails wriggle through lofty pinewoods, diving into deep riftvalleys with shady spruces, soft marshes and black woodland lakes. 

If you choose to go with our guide, you'll get what's beyond the first sight. You'll get the stories, from prehistoric times, through history until the day we meet. You'll get to meet the hidden stars of the old growth forest, lichens and mosses you probably would have missed otherwise. Together we will reach places that are still their own. Where no person has set their foot for a very long time. During our campfire-course you get to learn how to use a ferro rod and build a traceless fireplace. 

The spirit of alla our hikes and outdoor life-courses, is  a great respect and love for the forest we live in. And to live our outdoor life in balance with it. 

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