– From Tipi to Traceless –

As a kid my parents used to take me out, pointing out all sorts of animals, trees, mosses, lichen, fungi and plants. And as I grew older I started to get to know the woods on my own. Either on foot or paddling. 

One night in early spring of 2012 i spent an entire night by the fireside. From dusk till dawn, I was alone with the flames before me, thoughts running through my head and the cold shadows at my back. That night I decided to let go of expectations from others and start sleeping under the stars. A couple of weeks later I ended up into a teepee. Instantly I knew that I was coming home. 

I spent more than four years living in a teepee, getting reconnected with my surroundings and my way in life. It was during that time, I started my business. In summer 2014-2016 I arranged concert and courses in the tent. Connecting people with nature, folk music, natural remedies and craft-works.

In 2016, I started guiding in Tivedens Nationalpark, through the organisation Tivedens guider. I also used to sit by a nearby lake, watching tourists trying to manage canoes. Some of them successfully, some with much effort and social discomfort between the paddlers. I thought "I could've gone with them. Why is no one going with them?" And so I started guiding people on the water in wooden-canvas-canoes.

In early spring 2017 I had my first group of paddlers out professionally and more were soon to follow.

In summer 2017 me and my dog, joined a few friends on an adventure. For six weeks we paddled Ivalojoki and Inarijärvi in Northern Finland. It was an unforgettable experience for sure. A wonderful period of time being truly present in nature. But I find that even on a day trip or one hour in the wild, one can reach this sense of presence and harmony. This I want to share with you. And I hope that once we part, you'll be eager to get back here, out into the wild.

Best wishes