— Our collaborations —

No small business is an island. Here in Tiveden we have a very strong culture of collaboration rather than concurrence. Do you need somewhere to stay the night? Would you like the best cup of coffee Tiveden has to offer? Or have you dreamt all your life to see a moose? Do you want to connect with other Nature-sisters? Check these folks out! They're passionate and friendly professionals, with room in their hearts for an entire forest.

Outdoorfika - the best coffee you can find in Tiveden is roasted by Nina Borgmann-Kaiser. We always serve her own blend "Outdoorfika" at our tours. They also have a webbshop! Get your coffee right away, or join us out!

Hamgården - If you want to stay comfortable in a cosy cabin close to lake Unden, you've found the right place. Comfy beds, good food, sauna, not to forget their amazing hospitality! Marian and Arjan van Ham, has created this prime nature resort.

Naturguide Tiveden - David Tverling is the best wildlife guide around here. He's hosting exciting moose-, beaver-, wolf- and bird-safaris. David is our first choice when we need a partner for guiding larger groups or fight for the last natural forests of Tiveden.

Natursystrar – Ida Olsson is a photographer and full time outdoors professional. She has created a safe viral space for women to talk about outdoors, inspire and encourage one another. She also creates great courses for women! We contribute to Natursystrar with content every monday.