— Our philosophy —

We believe in the connection between people and nature. Sharing our knowledge and love for these beautiful surroundings, we hope that your connection with nature will grow. 

We work not only as a guide for A living, but for The living, for the ecosystems in our local forests. For future generations. And we do this by providing beautiful and sustainable tours. Transforming your outdoor dreams into good memories without tearing on nature. Every guest who pays for our tours, provides us so we get time to protect the forest. We're walking through the dream and the story - in order to create a new proceeding, in which a better world is possible.

Our name, Traceless in Tiveden, is a reflection of this. We want all our tours to be traceless, so that when we leave a site, we leave as little as possible behind. And we want it to stay local in Tiveden, both to less our carbon impact by means of transport, but also in order to grow a sustainable relationship to the nature itself, the local community and land owners. Some people think they've done Tiveden in a day. We think it takes a lifetime to truly know a place.

We wish to inspire you to examine your own ecological footprint, maybe try creating your own gear, take some time to get to know your local forests and stay safe on the ground. 

Best wishes

/Lovisa Larsson, owner of Traceless in Tiveden