Krabbelurer for breakfast


Have you ever made krabbelurer, pancakes or similar outdoors? Or would you like to try?

Krabbelurer is like a mix of american pancakes and spongecake. Here I would like to share my best tips with you folks.

This autumn me and my love went out one morning, before the sunrise. We had some photo ideas that needed soft sunlight and smooth waters, so now it was time! Except the photos, we also made breakfast outdoors. Or well, okey ... Erik cooked, the dog did the dishes and I took pictures of it all. Very even workload ...

Recipe krabbelurer:

2 eggs (alt. 1 dl chickpea broth)

1,5 dl sugar

5 dl flour

2,5 dl Milk (we used soya-milk)

2 tsk baking powder

1 pinch pure vanilla powder/2 tsk vanilla sugar

Cooking fat for frying.

Jam or some other nice topping.

Erik made the batter at home and bought in a bottle. Whisk eggs and sugar first, then add milk, flour and the rest (except the cooking fat.)


  • Firewood
  • Fryingpan
  • flipstick
  • A random stick tfor support when flipping the krabbelur
  • Firegloves (ordinary workinggloves in leather will do just fine!)


Put a lot of wood on the fire and let it burn until there's mostly embers left. This goes also for pancakes, you want as even heat as possible and not to warm - then it will just stick in the pan and you'll be swearing and be unhappy.

Grease the fryingpan - a lot!


Pour a small dollop in the mittle of the pan and fry until the edges turns nicely golden.


Put the krabbelur aside and flip it. Erik used the flipstick and another stick for support when flipping. They also flipped it close to the edge of the pan. Let it rest for a while, so it gets some surface before pushing it back towards the middle.

When I fry pancakes in an iron pan over the fire, I use to put the pan off the fire at this stage. The heat in the pan will do the job perfectly and I get some time to put some more firewood on if needed.


When all krabbelurs were done, Erik put them all back in the pan to heat them up a little.


Top it with som jam or other topping and the Dream-breakfast is ready! Sugarrush? Yepp. Tasty? Heavenly.

Have you tried? Please, share on Instagram or Facebook! And please, tag us @tracelessintiveden so that we also can join you in the wild!

Munch in peace and Happy New Year of Outdoors life!