— Canoeing —

There's a special feeling, smoothly sliding across the watersurface. Breaking it with each paddle-stroke moving the wooden canoe forward. Traveling traceless in two worlds, the one above and the one under the surface. It's a special connection, between nature and our core human being. It's a special mix of meditation and adventure. There's laughter to be found out on the water, collabroational-tasks to be solved and games to be played. There's good food and stories of old to be found around the fire. There's knowledge to be found about canoeing, respectfully gained, directly from the ancient roots where it came from. Back on shore, we hope that you'll leave us inspired and eager for more adventures.


On a daytrip with us, you'll explore Tiveden from the watersruface. We'll be traveling in beautiful, easily-manouvered wooden canoes, sharing this magical experience.

Our trips alway starts with a throughly introduction to canoeing, learning both the basics and some secrets on how to bring your paddling to the next level. Out on the water we'll enjoy a swedish "fika" and the story of how the very first canoe was built.

Once we've eaten, we'll explore the lake. We seek out hidden places and sites around the lake, keep our eyes and ears open for the wild animals and birds around us. Maybe we'll meet with the beaver... Or hear the cranes calling... Or we'll simply have a quiet and really good time on the water. Later on, we'll make lunch together by the fire.


  • Canoe
  • Paddel
  • life jacket
  • Kneecaps
  • waterproof case for smartphone
  • Swedish fika
  • lunch
  • workshop
  • guided tour with local guide

What to bring: Clothes according to weather, steady water-resistent shoes, a tovel, dry and warm clothes for change - also underwear!

Time: 10.00-15.00

Where we launch and how to get there:

We're paddling on the two beautiful lakes called Kvarnsjön and Bergvattnet in Tiveden. Tiveden is located in the middle between Stockholm and Gothenburg. You get there directly by car or by public communication to Laxå, from there you can add transfer to your booking until 20 days before the tour. We launch from the approach to Åboholms kvarn, right where the canoeingtrail crosses the road between Tived and Askersund. (It's also marked on the visitors map for Tiveden, number 15!)

Group-size: Maximum of 6, book early to ensure your place!


Adult: 950 kr

Children/Youths: (age 10-18) 750 kr

Students: 800 kr

Available in: 1/5-30/9

Booking: You're able to book by phone or email until 20 days before the trip.

Questions and direct contact:

+46(0)730246515 (Lovisa)


Participant qualification: No previous experience of canoeing is required for this tour. We recommend, that each participant is at least 10 years old. In order to join us out, you have to know how to swim and you have to wear your life jacket when we're paddling. All personal properties are brought at your own risk.

But what if it's bad weather?

We always put safety of our participants first, if there's thunder or hard wind, we find alternative activities - like hiking in the woods, making a wild campfire or similarily. Often the bad weather pass away pretty fast. And last but not least - please remember, the Swedish woods are seldom so sparkling and colourful as when touched by summer-rain.

Welcome to join us out!